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Teachers & the Writing Center

Visiting Your Class

Teachers wanting their students to get writing help should take advantage of the Writing Center's class visits. In a class visit, a Writing Center tutor visits a class and explains what services the Writing Center offers and how to schedule an appointment. While basic visits last between 5 and 10 minutes, tutors can fine-tune their presentations to fit a course's needs. If you are interested in scheduling a class visit, contact the Writing Center at

Faculty Interactions in the Writing Center

USU faculty and staff are welcome and encouraged to drop in at the Writing Center any time. We consider them an essential component of the writing center environment. Our tutors are thrilled when professors come in to say hello because it shows that they respect our purpose and acknowledge our value to campus and community. 

To maintain our welcoming, professional atmosphere and promote our academic credibility, the Writing Center asks that faculty and staff honor the requests in our WC Expectations for Faculty document.

Teacher Referrals to the Writing Center

Teachers can refer individual students to the Writing Center to get help with their writing. These referrals can be for a one-time visit, semester-long visits, or anything in between. To refer a student to the Writing Center, simply print the referral form, and fill it out. The student is then in charge of following the directions on the form and scheduling the necessary Writing Center appointment(s).

Visit for for the teacher referral sheet.

Cross Curriculum Faculty

If you would like to list the Writing Center in the syllabus or require students to come to the Writing Center, please contact Director Star Coulbrooke at for details and to make arrangements.