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Student Resources

MLA/APA Documentation

During appointments, Writing Center consultants are able to help students with documentation. In addition, students have the option of checking out hard copies of style guides and reference books from the Writing Center. Also, below are links to the Purdue University Online Writing Lab, a website that includes information on writing in-text citations, creating a reference list, and using endnotes and footnotes for both MLA and APA citation styles.

Purdue University OWL page on MLA documentation

Purdue University OWL page on APA documentation

Plagiarism citing sources

Doing your research: A-Z

Online Resources

  • Grammar lessons and exercises from the Purdue University OWL. This particular link will take you to the grammar lessons and exercises of Purdue's Online Writing Lab. The tutorials contain simple explanations and examples concerning many grammar and punctuation topics.
  • Guide to grammar and writing by Charles Darling. This site has an extensive guide to writing at the word, sentence, paragraph, and global levels. Use the quizzes to test what you learn.
  • Washington State University's plagiarism information site. Plagiarism is a serious issue that applies to any writer, especially when it comes to research papers. USU's own penalties for plagiarism are strict. Make sure to learn how to identify and avoid plagiarism in your own writing.
  • Playwriting tips from Playwriting101. Of all the types of writing, playwriting is one of the least used; therefore, many tutors and 1010 students find themselves rusty.
  • St. Cloud State University LEO. Literacy Education Online contains handouts about many types of writing topics, including the following: catching errors in your own writing, introducing quotes in a research paper, and making your writing nonsexist.

Writing Guides

The Tips for Strong Writing guide identifies seven writing strategies that can help you make big improvements to your writing. 


View an informational brochure outlining the Writing Center.

Print Resources

If you are looking for written help for your writing, we have dozens of books available. The New Century Handbook by Christine Hult and Thomas Huckin is a general reference for writers, and it includes material on grammar, punctuation, and citations. We also have the latest edition of The MLA Handbook, which goes into a good amount of detail about in-text citations and works-cited pages according to standards set by the Modern Language Association. The Chicago Manual of Style and Doing Honest Work in College are quick reference books that include such styles as Chicago (Turubian), MLA, APA, CSE, AMA, ACS, and Bluebook Legal.

Students can check out these or other books for up to two hours. Simply go to the Writing Center and ask the receptionist. Have an item ready, such as a student ID, to leave as collateral. Please do not take Writing Center books outside the Ray B. West building.

If you are interested in improving your grammar skills, another effective book is English Fundamentals by Donald Emery, John Kierzek, and Peter Lindblom. Chapters cover many grammar topics and include exercises for practice. Answers are included in the back so you can check yourself. To get a copy, go to the USU Bookstore in the Taggart Student Center's first floor; copies can be located in the textbook section under the author name Emery.

Videos about Writing

The following videos were produced by USU Writing Center staff for the USU Connections course and are a helpful resource for anyone looking to improve their writing. The videos provide students with information about key writing concepts in a fun and interactive way:

Learn more about how to write precisely.

MLA and APA Format
Learn the ins and outs of MLA and APA formatting for papers.

Learn what plagiarism is and how to avoid it.

Learn more about punctuation and how to use it correctly.

Resources for Writing
Learn how to find good resources for writing.

Learn more about sources and how to incorporate them into your writing.

Find out how to use your voice effectively in your writing.