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All Open Mic Helicon West - 7PM January 9th - Logan Library Bridger Room - 255 N. Main St. Logan


Featured Readers

Helicon West is an open microphone series with featured authors.

When: Every second and fourth Thursday of the month at 7:00 PM. 

Who: Creative writers of all genres are invited to read up to 7 minutes of their original work.

Where: Logan Library Bridger Room, 255 North Main

How: Arrive early to sign up.

Caffe Ibis coffee. Free, open to the public, uncensored.

Helicon West Social Media Platforms

Spring 2020

Jan. 9: Open microphone

Jan. 23: Chad Anderson, gay Mormon dad blogger, and Josi Russell, fantasy author

Feb. 13: Natalie Young and Nano Taggart, poets and editors of Sugar House Review

Feb. 27: Nate Hardy, spoken word poet, rapper, and lyricist

Mar. 12: Amber Caron, fiction writer, and Natalie Rogers, creative nonfiction

Mar. 26: Bull Pen Slam

Apr. 9: Poetry at Three

Apr. 23: Sink Hollow

Fall 2019

Sept. 12: Poetry reading by Rob Carney

Sept. 26: Danielle Dubraskey, in partnership with Utah Humanities Book Festival

Oct. 10: Star Coulbrooke and Sunni Wilkinson, in partnership with Utah Humanities Book Festival

Oct. 24: Nancy Takacs and Jan Minich, in partnership with Utah Humanities Book Festival

Nov. 14: Reading by Danielle Susi Ditmore and Ryan Ridge

Dec. 5: Jennifer Sinor's graduate class, River of Woods

Summer 2019

May 23: Reading by Michael McLane

June 27: Open mic

July 25: Reading by Chloe Hanson

Aug. 22: Tribute to Tyler Esplin

Spring 2019

Jan. 10: Open mic

Jan. 24: Darren M. Edwards

Feb. 14: Book reading by Amanda Luzzader

Feb. 28: Poetry reading by Ben Gunsberg

Mar. 7: Story reading by Chadd VanZanten and Russ Beck

Mar. 21: Bull Pen Slam

Apr. 11: Poetry at Three

Apr. 25: Sink Hollow Creative Writing and Art Contest Winners

Fall 2018

Sept. 13: Felicia Rose, Emily Wheeler, Jeremy Gohier, Tim Tarbet, and Robyn Buttars read award-winning poetry and prose.

Sept. 27: Book reading by Tessa Fontaine, in partnership with Utah Humanities Book Festival

Oct. 11: Book reading by Tyler Whitesides, in partnership with Utah Humanities Book Festival

Oct. 25: Poetry reading by William Trowbridge, in partnership with Utah Humanities Book Festival

Nov. 8: Jennifer Sinor special topics class

Dec. 6: Michael Sowder poetry class

Spring 2018

Jan. 11: League of Utah Writers Showcase

Jan. 25: English Dept. Lecturers Showcase

Feb. 8: Tony Roegiers Book Launch

Feb. 22: Ben Gunsberg Advanced Poetry Class

Mar. 22: Bull Pen Slam

Apr. 12: Poetry at Three

Apr. 26: Sink Hollow

Fall 2017

Sept. 14: League of Utah Writers 

Sept. 28: Matthew Cooperman & Aby Kaupang

Oct. 12: Jennifer Sinor & Rick Robbins

Oct. 26: Charles Waugh & Jonathan Travelstead

Nov. 9: All Open Mic

Dec. 7: All Open Mic

Spring 2017

Jan. 12: League of Utah Writers

Jan. 26: Sunni Wilkinson & Bethany Shultz Hurst  

Feb. 9: Natasha Saje & Heidi Hart

Feb. 23: Shanan Ballam's Advanced Poetry Writing class  

Mar. 23: Bull Pen Slam/Flash

Apr. 13: Poetry at Three  

Apr. 27: Scribendi Readers

Fall 2016  

Sept. 8: Helicon West Anthology Book Launch, Bluebird Restaurant, Third Floor  

Sept. 22: Patrick Madden

Oct. 13: Lisa Bickmore & Liz Kay in partnership with Utah Humanities

Oct. 27: Karen Brennan and Lex Williford in partnership with Utah Humanities

Nov. 10: Ben Gunsberg and his Advanced Poetry class

Dec. 8: The Ken Brewer/Will Pitkin Memorial Reading with Bill Strong, Jerry Fuhriman, and Paul Crumbley (Emcee Marina Hall)

Spring 2016

Jan. 14: All open mic

Jan. 28: Open mic plus poet Brock Dethier, author of Reclamation

Feb. 11: Open mic and the League of Utah Writers Valentine Special

Feb. 25: Open mic plus poet Nancy Takacs (Blue Patina) & novelist David Pace (Dream House on Golan Drive)

Mar. 24: Open mic and the Bull Pen Slam

Apr. 14: Open mic and Poetry at Three

Fall 2015 

Sept. 10: Lisa Roullard, winner of UAC 2013 writing competition & John Engler, USU lecturer and nonfiction author (visit for flyer)

Sept. 24: Chadd VanZanten & Russ Beck, authors of Fly Fishing the Northern Rockies

Oct. 8: Amanda Luzzader et al. and other authors from Old Scratch and Owl Hoots: A Collection of Utah Horror

Oct. 22: Gary Dopp and the USU Bull Pen Flash

Nov. 12: Rob Carney, poet and UVU professor

Dec. 3: Bethany Zohner, YA fiction writer, former USU graduate student and Jill Bowers, YA fantasy author, and USU student

Spring & Summer 2015

Jan. 22: Courtney Moser, SLC Drag Queen/Columnist

Feb. 12: League of Utah Writers (Cache Valley Chapter) state contest winners: Tim Keller, Amanda Luzzader, Felicia Rose, Isaac Timm, Chad VanZanten, Emily Wheeler

Feb. 26: RaeAnne Thayne, New York Times Bestselling Author, romance writer

Mar. 26: Slam Master Darren Edwards and the USU Creative Writing Club Bull Pen Slam

Apr. 9: Poetry at Three fifteenth annual reading: Shanan Ballam, Jesse Betts, Star Coulbrooke, Brock Dethier, Ben Gunsberg, Robb Kunz, Phi Parisi

Apr. 23: Scribendi Readers: USU Creative Writing Contest winners at Merrill Cazier Library

May 28: Logan High School poets and writers

June 25: Isaac Timm, poet and essayist

July 23: Nikki Garrett, local fiction writer

Aug. 27: Presenters from the annual League of Utah Writers conference: Darren Edwards, Chadd VanZanten, Jack Remick, Owen Egerton, Maxwell Alexander Drake

Fall 2014 

Sept. 11: Chad VanZanten, Kase Johnstun, Joni Haws, authors for the anthology, Utah Reflections

Sept. 25: League of Utah Writers "Writer of the Year" Johnny Worthen

Oct. 9: Poets Cat Taylor & Natalie Taylor

Oct. 23: Poets Shannon Ballam & Laura Stott

Nov. 13: USU Creative Writing Club's Bull Pen Flash

Dec. 4: USU poetry professor Ben Gunsberg's advanced poetry writing class

Spring 2014

Jan. 16: Featuring Liz Stephens, former USU instructor and author of The Days are Gods

Jan. 23: Featuring Darren Edwards, former USU instructor now teaching at SUU

Feb. 13: Featured readers from the League of Utah Writers (Cache Valley Chapter)

Feb. 27: All open mic

Mar. 27: Featuring the Bull Pen Slam, with students from USU's Creative Writing Club

Apr. 10: Featuring the 14th annual Poetry at Three reading by a local writing group

Aug. 21: Jesse Parent, spoken word poet 

Fall 2013

Sept.12: Jack Remick, League of Utah Writers 2013 conference speaker, novelist, author of Blood 

Sept. 26: Eric Bishop, Logan novelist, author of The Samaritan’s Pistol 

Oct.10: Aaron Timm & Cassandra Payne for the National Federation of the Blind 

Oct. 24: Shanan Ballam, USU Poetry Writing instructor, author of Pretty Marrow; Kristin Scott, poet, author of Motherlunge (Utah Book Festival event) 

Nov. 14: Jennifer Sinor, USU professor and memoirist 

Spring & Summer 2013

Jan. 24: Heather Frost, USU student and Writing Center tutor, author of the Seers trilogy 

Feb. 14: League of Utah Writers (Cache Valley Chapter): Chadd VanZanten, Tim Keller, Isaac Timm, Melanie Fowler, Amanda Luzzader, Eric Bishop 

Feb. 28: Pocatello, Idaho writers: poet and publisher, Harald Wyndham (Blue Scarab Press) and fiction writer, Leslie Leek 

Mar. 28: Poetry at Three: Shanan Ballam, Star Coulbrooke, Brock Dethier, Robb Kunz, Phil Parisi, Susan Pesti-Strobel, Anne Shifrer, Shari Zollinger 

Apr. 11: Scribendi Readers (winners of the USU Creative Writing Contest): Sarah Thomas, Anna Brown, Jessica McDermott, Lorelle Frank, Kimberly Christensen, Caitlin Erickson, Jeff Howard, Esther Allen, Mary Ann Widerberg, Heather Williams 

June 27: Bryan Young, Salt Lake City fiction writer, author of Lost at the Con and Operation: Montauk 

Fall 2012

Sept. 13: Nationally-renowned essayist, Dinty Moore, at Logan City Library (new permanent venue) 

Sept. 27: Local memoirist, Dianne Hardy   

Oct. 11: Utah Poet Laureate, Lance Larsen; former UPL, Kate Coles; and local poet, Star Coulbrooke; with panel moderator Rebecca Packard of Provo Orem Word (sponsored by Utah Book Festival)

Oct. 25: Missouri Poet Laureate, William Trowbridge and local poet, Shanan Ballam, with panel moderator Brian Cook (USU grad student) (sponsored by the Utah Book Festival)

Nov. 8: Shanan Ballam’s Advanced Poetry Writing students

Spring 2012

Feb. 9: Helicon West regulars: Chadd VanZanten, Diane Hardy, Isaac Timm, Tim Keller, and Eric Bishop, read selections of their winning work from the League of Utah Writers Fall 2010 Round-Up

Mar. 22: SLC Poets Rebecca Lindenberg and Timothy O’Keefe at Citrus and Sage 

Apr. 12: Poetry at Three at the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Fine Art 

Apr. 27: USU Creative Writing Contest winners (Scribendi readers) at Merrill Cazier Library 101 

Fall 2011 

Sept. 8: Charles Potts, Idaho poet

Oct. 13: Helicon West attends Barre Lopez reading at USU ECC

Spring 2011

Feb. 10: Local fiction writer, Chadd VanZanten 

Feb. 24: SLC poets, Joel Long and Guy Lebeda 
Mar. 24: Poet, Maria Melendez

Apr. 14: Scribendi readers (USU CWC)

Apr. 28: Poetry at Three, local group

Fall 2010

Sept. 9: Scribendi readers (USU Creative Writing Contest winners) Brian Cook and Bonnie Moore

Sept. 23: Shanan Ballam (went to ER w/stroke, didn’t appear) and Robb Kunz

Oct. 14: League of Utah Writers contest winners: Chadd VanZanten, Isaac Timm, E. A. Younker, Tim Keller

Oct. 28: New Poets of the American West anthology: Rob Carney, Elaine Christensen, Chris Cokinos, Katherine Coles, Star Coulbrooke, Michael Sowder

Spring 2010

Jan. 14: Anne Starks’ fiction writing class

Feb. 11: Shanan Ballam (The Little Red Riding Hood Papers)

Mar. 11: Dan Nyikos' fiction writing class

Mar. 25: Chris Cokinos (cancelled for out of town engagement)

Apr. 8: Poetry at Three: Star Coulbrooke, Anne Shifrer, Brock Dethier, Shanan Ballam, Susan Nyikos, Carrie Farmer (designed chapbook collection of poems read by group), Phil Parisi, Will Pitkin


Jan. 22: Synecdoche radio show (recorded session): Diane Bush, Star Coulbrooke, Darren Edwards, Carrie Farmer, Jacob Mendelkow, Jennifer Sinor, Chadd VanZanten (Whitney Olsen, announcer and Marina Hall, producer)

Feb. 12: Michael Sowder’s graduate poetry writing class

Feb. 26: Jan Minich and Katie Kingston

Apr. 9: Poetry at Three: Star Coulbrooke, Anne Shifrer, Brock Dethier, Shanan Ballam, Susan Nyikos, Carrie Farmer (designed chapbook collection of poems read by group), Cynthia Nordgren (designed cover for chapbook)

Apr. 23: Scribendi, Creative Writing Contest winners: Steve Watts, John Gilmore, Russ Winn, Ellen Reimschussel, Jacoba Mendelkow, Zach Maughan, Elizabeth Benson, Whitney Olsen, Jeff Carr, Amanda Burnett, Heather Griffiths

Nov. 12: Jennifer Sinor and Michael Sowder


Apr. 10: Salt Lake City and Price poets, Sandy Anderson and Nancy Takacs

Apr. 20: Poetry at Three: Shanan Ballam, Star Coulbrooke, Brock Dethier, Carrie Farmer, Chelsi Linderman, Maria Melendez, Susan Nyikos, Julie Robertson, Anne Shifrer

Oct. 23: Annette Haws

Nov. 13: Jennifer Sinor


Feb. 2: Doug Airmet, Will Peterson, and Harald Wyndham, Pocatello poets

Apr. 12: Poetry at Three: Shanan Ballam, Star Coulbrooke, Brock Dethier, Carrie Farmer, Karl Germeck, Chelsi Linderman, Julie Robertson, Anne Shifrer

Oct. 11: Scribendi readers: Taylor Christensen, Elise Doney, Nathaniel Hardman, Kacy Lundstrom, Benny Nyikos, Samantha Robinson, Robert Watkins


Feb. 23: Jerry Fuhriman, Marina Hall, Will Pitkin, and Bill Strong read Ken Brewer poems

Sept. 28: Creative Writing Faculty: Chris Cokinos, Michael Sowder, Charles Waugh