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Featured Readers

Helicon West is an open microphone series with featured authors.

When: Every second and fourth Thursday of the month at 7:00 PM. 

Who: Creative writers of all genres are invited to read up to 7 minutes of their original work.

Where: Logan Library Bridger Room, 255 North Main

How: Arrive early to sign up.

Caffe Ibis coffee. Free, open to the public, uncensored.

Helicon West Social Media Platforms

Helicon West Bull Pen March 2019

All Events for Helicon West Spring 2019

Spring 2019

Jan. 10: Open mic

Jan. 24: Darren M. Edwards

Feb. 14: Book reading by Amanda Luzzader

Feb. 28: Poetry reading by Ben Gunsberg

Fall 2018

Sept. 13: Felicia Rose, Emily Wheeler, Jeremy Gohier, Tim Tarbet, and Robyn Buttars read award-winning poetry and prose.

Sept. 27: Book reading by Tessa Fontaine, in partnership with Utah Humanities Book Festival

Oct. 11: Book reading by Tyler Whitesides, in partnership with Utah Humanities Book Festival

Oct. 25: Poetry reading by William Trowbridge, in partnership with Utah Humanities Book Festival

Nov. 8: Jennifer Sinor special topics class

Dec. 6: Michael Sowder poetry class

Spring 2018

Jan. 11: League of Utah Writers Showcase

Jan. 25: English Dept. Lecturers Showcase

Feb. 8: Tony Roegiers Book Launch

Feb. 22: Ben Gunsberg Advanced Poetry Class

Mar. 22: Bull Pen Slam

Apr. 12: Poetry at Three

Apr. 26: Sink Hollow

Fall 2017

Sept. 14: League of Utah Writers 

Sept. 28: Matthew Cooperman & Aby Kaupang

Oct. 12: Jennifer Sinor & Rick Robbins

Oct. 26: Charles Waugh & Jonathan Travelstead

Nov. 9: All Open Mic

Dec. 7: All Open Mic

Spring 2017

Jan. 12: League of Utah Writers

Jan. 26: Sunni Wilkinson & Bethany Shultz Hurst  

Feb. 9: Natasha Saje & Heidi Hart

Feb. 23: Shanan Ballam's Advanced Poetry Writing class  

Mar. 23: Bull Pen Slam/Flash

Apr. 13: Poetry at Three  

Apr. 27: Scribendi Readers

Fall 2016  

Sept. 8: Helicon West Anthology Book Launch, Bluebird Restaurant, Third Floor  

Sept. 22: Patrick Madden

Oct. 13: Lisa Bickmore & Liz Kay in partnership with Utah Humanities

Oct. 27: Karen Brennan and Lex Williford in partnership with Utah Humanities

Nov. 10: Ben Gunsberg and his Advanced Poetry class

Dec. 8: The Ken Brewer/Will Pitkin Memorial Reading with Bill Strong, Jerry Fuhriman, and Paul Crumbley (Emcee Marina Hall)

Spring 2016

Jan. 14: All open mic

Jan. 28: Open mic plus poet Brock Dethier, author of Reclamation

Feb. 11: Open mic and the League of Utah Writers Valentine Special

Feb. 25: Open mic plus poet Nancy Takacs (Blue Patina) & novelist David Pace (Dream House on Golan Drive)

Mar. 24: Open mic and the Bull Pen Slam

Apr. 14: Open mic and Poetry at Three

Fall 2015 

Sept. 10: Lisa Roullard, winner of UAC 2013 writing competition & John Engler, USU lecturer and nonfiction author (visit for flyer)

Sept. 24: Chadd VanZanten & Russ Beck, authors of Fly Fishing the Northern Rockies

Oct. 8: Amanda Luzzader et al. and other authors from Old Scratch and Owl Hoots: A Collection of Utah Horror

Oct. 22: Gary Dopp and the USU Bull Pen Flash

Nov. 12: Rob Carney, poet and UVU professor

Dec. 3: Bethany Zohner, YA fiction writer, former USU graduate student and Jill Bowers, YA fantasy author, and USU student

Spring & Summer 2015

Jan. 22: Courtney Moser, SLC Drag Queen/Columnist

Feb. 12: League of Utah Writers (Cache Valley Chapter) state contest winners: Tim Keller, Amanda Luzzader, Felicia Rose, Isaac Timm, Chad VanZanten, Emily Wheeler

Feb. 26: RaeAnne Thayne, New York Times Bestselling Author, romance writer

Mar. 26: Slam Master Darren Edwards and the USU Creative Writing Club Bull Pen Slam

Apr. 9: Poetry at Three fifteenth annual reading: Shanan Ballam, Jesse Betts, Star Coulbrooke, Brock Dethier, Ben Gunsberg, Robb Kunz, Phi Parisi

Apr. 23: Scribendi Readers: USU Creative Writing Contest winners at Merrill Cazier Library

May 28: Logan High School poets and writers

June 25: Isaac Timm, poet and essayist

July 23: Nikki Garrett, local fiction writer

Aug. 27: Presenters from the annual League of Utah Writers conference: Darren Edwards, Chadd VanZanten, Jack Remick, Owen Egerton, Maxwell Alexander Drake

Fall 2014 

Sept. 11: Chad VanZanten, Kase Johnstun, Joni Haws, authors for the anthology, Utah Reflections

Sept. 25: League of Utah Writers "Writer of the Year" Johnny Worthen

Oct. 9: Poets Cat Taylor & Natalie Taylor

Oct. 23: Poets Shannon Ballam & Laura Stott

Nov. 13: USU Creative Writing Club's Bull Pen Flash

Dec. 4: USU poetry professor Ben Gunsberg's advanced poetry writing class

Spring 2014

Jan. 16: Featuring Liz Stephens, former USU instructor and author of The Days are Gods

Jan. 23: Featuring Darren Edwards, former USU instructor now teaching at SUU

Feb. 13: Featured readers from the League of Utah Writers (Cache Valley Chapter)

Feb. 27: All open mic

Mar. 27: Featuring the Bull Pen Slam, with students from USU's Creative Writing Club

Apr. 10: Featuring the 14th annual Poetry at Three reading by a local writing group

Aug. 21: Jesse Parent, spoken word poet 

Fall 2013

Sept.12: Jack Remick, League of Utah Writers 2013 conference speaker, novelist, author of Blood 

Sept. 26: Eric Bishop, Logan novelist, author of The Samaritan’s Pistol 

Oct.10: Aaron Timm & Cassandra Payne for the National Federation of the Blind 

Oct. 24: Shanan Ballam, USU Poetry Writing instructor, author of Pretty Marrow; Kristin Scott, poet, author of Motherlunge (Utah Book Festival event) 

Nov. 14: Jennifer Sinor, USU professor and memoirist 

Spring & Summer 2013

Jan. 24: Heather Frost, USU student and Writing Center tutor, author of the Seers trilogy 

Feb. 14: League of Utah Writers (Cache Valley Chapter): Chadd VanZanten, Tim Keller, Isaac Timm, Melanie Fowler, Amanda Luzzader, Eric Bishop 

Feb. 28: Pocatello, Idaho writers: poet and publisher, Harald Wyndham (Blue Scarab Press) and fiction writer, Leslie Leek 

Mar. 28: Poetry at Three: Shanan Ballam, Star Coulbrooke, Brock Dethier, Robb Kunz, Phil Parisi, Susan Pesti-Strobel, Anne Shifrer, Shari Zollinger 

Apr. 11: Scribendi Readers (winners of the USU Creative Writing Contest): Sarah Thomas, Anna Brown, Jessica McDermott, Lorelle Frank, Kimberly Christensen, Caitlin Erickson, Jeff Howard, Esther Allen, Mary Ann Widerberg, Heather Williams 

June 27: Bryan Young, Salt Lake City fiction writer, author of Lost at the Con and Operation: Montauk 

Fall 2012

Sept. 13: Nationally-renowned essayist, Dinty Moore, at Logan City Library (new permanent venue) 

Sept. 27: Local memoirist, Dianne Hardy   

Oct. 11: Utah Poet Laureate, Lance Larsen; former UPL, Kate Coles; and local poet, Star Coulbrooke; with panel moderator Rebecca Packard of Provo Orem Word (sponsored by Utah Book Festival)

Oct. 25: Missouri Poet Laureate, William Trowbridge and local poet, Shanan Ballam, with panel moderator Brian Cook (USU grad student) (sponsored by the Utah Book Festival)

Nov. 8: Shanan Ballam’s Advanced Poetry Writing students

Spring 2012

Feb. 9: Helicon West regulars: Chadd VanZanten, Diane Hardy, Isaac Timm, Tim Keller, and Eric Bishop, read selections of their winning work from the League of Utah Writers Fall 2010 Round-Up

Mar. 22: SLC Poets Rebecca Lindenberg and Timothy O’Keefe at Citrus and Sage 

Apr. 12: Poetry at Three at the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Fine Art 

Apr. 27: USU Creative Writing Contest winners (Scribendi readers) at Merrill Cazier Library 101 

Fall 2011 

Sept. 8: Charles Potts, Idaho poet

Oct. 13: Helicon West attends Barre Lopez reading at USU ECC

Spring 2011

Feb. 10: Local fiction writer, Chadd VanZanten 

Feb. 24: SLC poets, Joel Long and Guy Lebeda 
Mar. 24: Poet, Maria Melendez

Apr. 14: Scribendi readers (USU CWC)

Apr. 28: Poetry at Three, local group

Fall 2010

Sept. 9: Scribendi readers (USU Creative Writing Contest winners) Brian Cook and Bonnie Moore

Sept. 23: Shanan Ballam (went to ER w/stroke, didn’t appear) and Robb Kunz

Oct. 14: League of Utah Writers contest winners: Chadd VanZanten, Isaac Timm, E. A. Younker, Tim Keller

Oct. 28: New Poets of the American West anthology: Rob Carney, Elaine Christensen, Chris Cokinos, Katherine Coles, Star Coulbrooke, Michael Sowder

Spring 2010

Jan. 14: Anne Starks’ fiction writing class

Feb. 11: Shanan Ballam (The Little Red Riding Hood Papers)

Mar. 11: Dan Nyikos' fiction writing class

Mar. 25: Chris Cokinos (cancelled for out of town engagement)

Apr. 8: Poetry at Three: Star Coulbrooke, Anne Shifrer, Brock Dethier, Shanan Ballam, Susan Nyikos, Carrie Farmer (designed chapbook collection of poems read by group), Phil Parisi, Will Pitkin


Jan. 22: Synecdoche radio show (recorded session): Diane Bush, Star Coulbrooke, Darren Edwards, Carrie Farmer, Jacob Mendelkow, Jennifer Sinor, Chadd VanZanten (Whitney Olsen, announcer and Marina Hall, producer)

Feb. 12: Michael Sowder’s graduate poetry writing class

Feb. 26: Jan Minich and Katie Kingston

Apr. 9: Poetry at Three: Star Coulbrooke, Anne Shifrer, Brock Dethier, Shanan Ballam, Susan Nyikos, Carrie Farmer (designed chapbook collection of poems read by group), Cynthia Nordgren (designed cover for chapbook)

Apr. 23: Scribendi, Creative Writing Contest winners: Steve Watts, John Gilmore, Russ Winn, Ellen Reimschussel, Jacoba Mendelkow, Zach Maughan, Elizabeth Benson, Whitney Olsen, Jeff Carr, Amanda Burnett, Heather Griffiths

Nov. 12: Jennifer Sinor and Michael Sowder


Apr. 10: Salt Lake City and Price poets, Sandy Anderson and Nancy Takacs

Apr. 20: Poetry at Three: Shanan Ballam, Star Coulbrooke, Brock Dethier, Carrie Farmer, Chelsi Linderman, Maria Melendez, Susan Nyikos, Julie Robertson, Anne Shifrer

Oct. 23: Annette Haws

Nov. 13: Jennifer Sinor


Feb. 2: Doug Airmet, Will Peterson, and Harald Wyndham, Pocatello poets

Apr. 12: Poetry at Three: Shanan Ballam, Star Coulbrooke, Brock Dethier, Carrie Farmer, Karl Germeck, Chelsi Linderman, Julie Robertson, Anne Shifrer

Oct. 11: Scribendi readers: Taylor Christensen, Elise Doney, Nathaniel Hardman, Kacy Lundstrom, Benny Nyikos, Samantha Robinson, Robert Watkins


Feb. 23: Jerry Fuhriman, Marina Hall, Will Pitkin, and Bill Strong read Ken Brewer poems

Sept. 28: Creative Writing Faculty: Chris Cokinos, Michael Sowder, Charles Waugh